Friday, January 22, 2010

A Quote, A Video and What to Do With That Naked Wall

Hi everyone!  Sadly, it has been an entire week since I have posted anything.  When I first started this whole blogging thing, I had high hopes of putting up a post every day, except for on the weekends.  Now that work is back to being as crazy as ever and I have started my small business course and all the homework and reading that comes with it, I have not found it to be possible.  So, instead of a post every day, I will aim for two, maybe three times a week.

I am not planning on taking any courses this summer (summer is way to much fun to have class), so I will have more time to decorate, work on DIY projects, cook, AND blog about all of it!  I love summer!  Refinishing furniture is much easier when you can move it outside to the deck!

So, finally here is my post for this week!  It is kind of a combo of different things – A quote, a video and some room inspiration.  Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!

A friend of mine wrote this quote and shared it with me this week.  I love it and believe every word of it.  It is now one of my favorite quotes!

Be the cake decorator, not the frosting.  You don't go far being still, just sweet, and decorative.  The longer you stay still, the more stiff you get. - Corrina Crade

I just added some visual flair! See below:

Here is a video that another one of my friends shared with me this week.  I think all of the stairs in the world should be like these.  Take a look and you will see what I mean.  And what a great concept, huh?  The fun theory.

And now a little inspiration on what to do with that naked wall.  I prefer the uncommon solution to the problem: cups, empty picture frames, colorful plates, framed shopping bags, etc.  There are endless possibilities.

Images: Image 1: Contented Me, Image 2: Elegance Redefined, Image 3: ?, Image 4: Furnishing My Home, Image 5: maedchenmitherz., Image 6: Martha Stewart, Image 7:Shelter Pop, Image 8: the style files, Images 9 & 10: You Are My Fave Jr.

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  1. The video was great...we should install that at home...I might try jumping around the stairs all day long just to play songs.