Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Office Space - Let's Get Creative!

As you can see from the picture above, my “creative” workspace is anything but creative. It consists of a table with some junk on it and an old loveseat that my husband had in college.  Step one would be to junk the loveseat and step two would be to research some inspirational images to get some good ideas.  I have boxes and boxes full of art and crafting supplies sitting in the closet that I need to somehow organize in my workspace.  Two things I would like to incorporate into the space are a pegboard wall and chalkboard paint.  Here are some inspirational pictures of actually “creative” workspaces.  Enjoy!

Here is a tutorial of how to make a pegboard wall organizer that I found on Apartment Therapy.  Click HERE to view.  It only costs about $30 and that I LOVE!

Images 1-3: Apartment Therapy, Images 4-8: You Are My Fave Jr. , Image 9: A Pretty Trip, Images 10-12: Better Homes and Gardens, Image 13: Niken, Image 14:Flickr

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