Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Out of the Blue Idea #1 – The perfect baby shower gift

Lux upcycling: Cashmere sweaters to (very) soft toys
If you ask me, this Georgia based company is on the right track.  Upcycling is a hot topic right now, soft and cuddly are always a great combo, everyone loves the idea of luxury and making it your own, well now that is just pure genius!
Each plush teddy bear, elephant and bunny is fashioned from a discarded cashmere sweater.  Cashmere animals can be purchased straight from the website for USD 50-60 each.  For the same cost, customers can request the animal of their choice to be made from their own old cashmere sweater, which makes for a toy that’s both sustainably manufactured and highly personal. The site also accepts postal donations from kindhearted people clearing out their closets, reimbursing the postage for their offering.
I wish I would have know about these unique little guys about 8 months ago, before my adorable little nephew and niece were born, but I am sure there are more little ones to come.  And when they do, I have two cashmere sweaters sitting in my closet just waiting to be upcycled into a cute little creature!
This is also a good DIY project.  Do you have any old cashmere sweaters hiding out in the back of your closet?
Click here for a free teddy bear pattern I found online.

Info: Springwise

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